Luxury Watch Industry – Statistics & Facts

Luxury Watch Industry – Statistics & Facts Prestige Watches

Hello Watchie.  If you are anything like me, you will most likely enjoy short, punchy overview of information (stats & facts) about the luxury watch industry. Well here it is… Grab a cuppa (or a Whisky). Precision, quality, luxury, design, perfect workmanship, tradition, coupled with high tech: the luxury watch industry combines traditional Swiss values … Read more

Why Buy Pre-owned?

Why Buy Pre-owned? Prestige Watches

Hello Watchie. Why buy pre-owned? These are the the highlights but keep reading to find out more: Pre-Owned Watches Cost Less There Are More Pre-Owned Watches To Choose From Depreciation Can Be Used To Your Advantage Buying Pre-Owned Means Selling Pre-Owned There has rarely been a better time to buy a pre-owned watch. Along with … Read more

Video – The History Of Time Keeping Devices

Video – The History Of Time Keeping Devices Prestige Watches

Hello Watchie.  I loved this video and thought it was a very educational super-charged eight and a half minutes of information at it best. Have a watch! TimeLine – A Brief Introduction To The History Of Timekeeping Devices

Interesting Facts About Watches And Watchmakers

Interesting Facts About Watches And Watchmakers Prestige Watches

Hello Watchie. TWENTY FIVE INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT WATCHES There is a piece of history that always accompanies us – the watch! What is on your wrist (if you have one) is the result of thousands of years of research and development – Sumer and Egyptians are among the first to have developed and used watches. … Read more

Why Do We Buy Luxury Brands? Why Do They Make Us Feel So Great?

Luxury Brands Typography Web

Hello Watchie. Have you ever wondered just why we have such a strong desire to buy and own prestigious items from luxury brands? The best grooming and skincare products, the best handbags (and man-bags), luxury jewellery, pens, cars, clothing – and of course – watches. What motivates us to purchase these items? Why do they … Read more