Ready for a new watch? Basic things to consider

Buying a new watch - Presitge Watches UK

Are you ready for a new watch?  You can’t beat that ‘new watch’ feeling. I honestly believe that there is a much enjoyment in thinking about what watch to get and then hunting for the perfect one, as there is actually having it on the wrist and wearing it with pride. Here at Prestige Watches … Read more

Appraising a watch for purchase

Appraising a watch for sale

I love buying watches as much as I love selling them.  However because I have such a passion for watches, when I do go into ‘buying mode’ it can sometimes be hard to think with my ‘business head’ and not with my heart. As a professional in the industry and as a “professional collector”, I … Read more

Rolex movement – a deep dive under the bonnet

Watch restoration

If ever you’ve wanted to see the deconstruction and reconstruction of a Rolex watch movement, then pour a cup of something hot and caffeinated (or a little stronger of you wish) and watch this video from start to finish. It’s one of the best videos I’ve soon on the matter with great videoography. Enjoy.  

How A Mechanical Watch Works

How A Mechanical Watch Works Prestige Watches

Have a look at this wonderful video explaining how a mechanical watch works. I have watched hundreds of videos on the subject and this is the best I’ve found. Enjoy.