Who Invented the Automatic Wristwatch?

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There have been many important ‘firsts’ in the history of watchmaking. Some more important than others.  It always intrigued me who was the inventor of this? WHo was the inventor of that? When was this invented?  Why was that invented? Wrist worn watch? Waterproof watch? Watch with a date? A day and a date? Made … Read more

Watch Wabi Sabi

Watch Wabi Sabi Prestige Watches

THE PERFECTION OF IMPERFECTION: WABI-SABI AND WATCHES “Wow.” said my wife. “Why would you buy a watch that’s all beaten up?” “Ahem.  Actually, I bought it because it looks like this.” She looked at be extremely confused, just like how my 6 year old son looks at me when I’m trying to teach him the … Read more

Why servicing your Rolex with Rolex isnt a bad idea.

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Feast your eyes on this video and see why servicing your watch with the jewel in the crown of watchmaking themselves is a very good idea… Just be sure to state exactly what you DO and DON’T want done to your watch or you may default Rolex executing what they think is best. Rolex tend … Read more