Rolex Day Date President 36mm 1980 Solid 18k Yellow gold Ref 18038 Box & Papers


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Greetings.  Thanks for looking at this watch. We are a 5-star seller on both Chrono24 and Trustpilot with hundreds of watches sold and delivered around the world.


The term “grail watch” is one that we have all seen floating around the internet for probably as long as us watch enthusiasts and collectors have been reading about watches on the internet.


It is often used to denote an elusive object or goal that is sought after for its great significance and in terms of a watch “A luxury object for which we’re experiencing unrequited desire”


The term “grail” derives from the legend of the Holy Grail – a treasure that serves as an important motif in Arthurian literature, and different traditions describe it as a cup, dish or stone with miraculous powers.


In most grail stories, the grail is the object of a quest and the achievement of the grail quest is nearly impossible: It is arduous, may take years, requires great personal sacrifice, noble intentions, and purity of heart. It is often sought but seldom even seen.


So for us watch lovers, sometimes trying to get a watch you really want badly can feel the same way.


When you fall in love with a ‘class’ of objects, there are the easy early wins, but as you find out more, your desires tend to become more and more ambitious and quite often, more and more unrealistic, as well.


Still, a grail watch is fun to think about and talk about and dream about.


I’m not a betting man, but, if I were, I would bet that along with a the Grailest of Grails; the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711, the solid gold, Rolex DayDate is up there with the most sought after grail watches.


In fact, I would probably give the Rolex President 1st place in the race for ‘most desired watch ever’ as it has been around longer.  

1956 for the DayDate Vs 1976 for the Nautilus, giving the Rolex has an extra 20 years of ‘desire time’.


And luckily for you, the opportunity is here for you to purchase one of the ultimate grail watches.


To own and wear this watch is absolutely thunderstricking.


Beloved by most watch enthusiasts, the Day-Date is symbolic of both Rolex and its power over the watch marketplace. 


Originally released in 1956, the Day-Date was (and is) a thing of beauty and an unambiguous, take-it-or-leave-it expression of the owner’s power and prominence. 

It embodies prestige and carries the meaning: You’ve made it. 


The well-balanced dial, as well as the day and date display were incredibly innovative for the time. 


With its fluted bezel, this watch features a beautiful gold dial with elegant stick indexes. 


Worn by Presidents and Tony Soprano alike – You can’t go wrong with this one.


Why I Love It:

The Day-Date is one of Rolex’s tentpole watches. It has served as a symbol of power and success since its inception. The Day-Date soon became one of the most desirable luxury watches to own at the time. The reference you see here is the 18038, which was part of the next generation of Day-Dates released in 1978, at its launch replacing the famed ref. 1803 and updating the President towards a slightly more modern style. 

At its core, the ref. 18038 is the quintessential…


What You Should Know:

This Rolex Day-Date President 18038 is in overall good pre-owned condition for a 40 year old watch.

There are a few daily wear marks on the case, caseback and the bracelet but no sinister dings or dents.

The bezel, crystal, crown and dial are in excellent condition.

There is some band stretch to the bracelet but not too bad for watch of this age.

The watch comes with its original guarantee certificate (a bit tatty) and a genuine Rolex box, however not the original one from the watch)


Quick message from the seller. 


“We believe a watch is far more than just a simple teller of time. It is a real-life companion that will emote feelings of happiness and joy through your life journey.

It is a mechanical life form that has spirit and personality and will inspire, motivate and generate positive energy from within. 

If one day gifted to that special ‘someone’, a treasured watch will pass sentiment and meaning to the hands of others like few other gifts can achieve”


Our mission here is to spread ‘Watch Happiness’ around the world and promote the feelings of joy that come with buying a new watch.



BRAND: Rolex

MODEL: Day-Date


YEAR: 1980

CASE MATERIAL: 18k Yellow Gold




BEZEL MATERIAL: 18k Yellow Gold

DIAL COLOR: Champagne




POWER RESERVE: approx 42 hours






 Relax and buy with confidence. We are a 5-star professional seller on Chrono24 and TRUSTPILOT.


 Please note, all watches are sent DDU via DHL. It is a fast and fully trackable service.  DDU = Delivery with Duty Unpaid. This means the importer / receiver of the watch is responsible to pay any Sales Tax or duties to customs or the courier company to release the goods from customs. This applies to deliveries outside of the UK. As I am based in the UK, this does not apply to UK deliveries 


  We ship our watches all around the world on an express, door to door delivery service that is fully trackable. Delivery in 1-3 days depending on your location.


Authentic: All watches are authenticated.


 Thanks again for looking. Please get in touch with any questions.  I would love to hear from you.


Marcelo – Prestige Watches UK


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