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With this service You can enjoy the thrill of the watch business without the headaches

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Investment Consultant Prestige Watches
Investment Consultant Prestige Watches
Investment Consultant Prestige Watches

Let the adventure begin...

If you are interested in the business of buying and selling watches, but don't want the hassle of  setting up the operation yourself, let's join forces and enjoy a shared journey in buying and selling watches together.

Buying and selling watches can be an enjoyable and profitable process, however it's not without its risks.

Buying the right watch for the right price and selling it to the right person is the secret sauce to making money in the watch business. Sounds simple but not as easy as it sounds.

Lets enjoy a journey together. With this service I will guide you through the complexities of:

1. finding the right watch that is desirable, interesting and well priced
2. Buying it safely and securely
3. Selling the watch to the right buyer.  Using my trade network, trade platforms and social media to help you sell your watches and return a profit.

I will help you through the entire process from start to finish.

As for me, whilst I primarily love the thrill of  of the process, I will charge an upfront flat fee based on the value of the watch sourced, or a small share of the profits you make.

I wonder, who will be the buyer of your watch and where will they live?  The journey of buying and selling watches is certainly an interesting one.

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