Ready for a new watch? Basic things to consider

Are you ready for a new watch?  You can’t beat that ‘new watch’ feeling. I honestly believe that there is a much enjoyment in thinking about what watch to get and then hunting for the perfect one, as there is actually having it on the wrist and wearing it with pride.

Here at Prestige Watches UK we believe a watch is far more than just a simple teller of time. It is a real-life companion that will emote feelings of happiness and joy through your life journey.
It is a mechanical life form that has spirit and personality and will inspire, motivate and generate positive energy from within.
If one day gifted to that special ‘someone’, a treasured watch will pass sentiment and meaning to the hands of others like few other gifts can achieve

Our mission here at Prestige Watches is to spread ‘Watch Happiness’ around the world and promote the feelings of joy that come with buying a new watch.

So, when looking for that special watch, here are some things to think about and I am here to help you find your perfect watch if you need help with finding it and navigating through the watch buring maze.

I have sourced hundreds of watches for many happy watch enthusiasts. So don’t worry, you are in good hands.Ready for a new watch?  Basic things to consider Prestige WatchesStyle

  • Are you after a new watch or pre-owned?
  • Do you like more recent watches or vintage?
  • Any specific requirements like Box? Papers?
  • Do you want a Sports watch? Or Dress watch?  Or a good all round hybrid?
  • Do you want a steel watch?  Or steel+gold? Or gold? What about Titanium?
  • Do you want a metal bracelet (steel and/or gold) or leather?
  • Do you want a big watch? Or small? Or mid size?
  • Do you like chunky watches? Or slimmer, lower profile?
  • Do you like plain traditional watches (time only) or do you like a date?  Or day + date?
  • Do you want a specialist watch –Scuba Diver? Chronograph? Pilot?  GMT?
  • Is water resistance important to you?
  • Do you like quartz power?  Or Automatic? Or Manual wind?
  • Any particular brands that like the most..?
  • What’s your Budget?

Other things that you might like to take into consideration are:

The watch itself:

  • Condition.  Do you like the wabi-sabi of a well worn watch.  Or do you want something fresher and more pristine?
  • Does it have Box and Papers? Does it matter to you?
  • How is it running? Has it recently been serviced?
  • Check the bracelet size.  Will it fit your wrist.  Are all links present (or spare links)
  • Service costs.  Is it a tricky movement to service therefore more expensive.  Or is is a mainstream ‘workhorse’ of a movement that is easy to service and can be serviced anywhere?  Does it have complications that are costly to service.

The Market:

  • Value retention.  Might your choice of watch be one that appreciates over time? Or might it drop in price?  Does it matter to you?
  • Is it an interesting watch? Is it collectable? Limited edition? Is it a sought after model? Is it talked about on Social Media? Is it a fan favourite? Is there a lot of information about it on the web? Does it have historical significance? If value retention is important to you, you need to do your homework here (or ask me).
  • Is it a common watch? Is there an abundance of them available in the open market? Or are there few and far between?

Hope this helps a bit.

My watch sourcing service will help you get the watch of your dreams.  From your Wishlist to your Wrist, I will work with you to achieve your new watch goals.

I’m here to help so if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch and pick my brain…


With best wishes,  Marcelo


Ready for a new watch?  Basic things to consider Prestige Watches

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