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Whether you want a new watch or prefer something that is enriched with vintage soul and steeped with history, I can help you with your watch goals.

I know that buying and selling a watch can be a daunting experience. My job is to make it fun and enjoyable for you.

I’m Marcelo Bustamante and I love watches. I enjoy talking about them. I love looking at them. I love wearing them.  My love of watches goes back to when I was knee-high.

I also love business, and have run my own global business since 2005.  My business style has always been based on simple values; Honesty. Integrity. Dependability. Capability.

I get a real thrill doing business with like minded people and one of my main priorities in business has been to protect my reputation every day as a trustworthy, professional, genuine and reliable person to work with.

I wish to inspire more and more people to have a passion for watches; to appreciate them and be excited by them.

About Prestige Watches

About Prestige Watches

I am watch enthusiast/collector first and a seller of watches, second.

One warm, sunny morning in summer 2017, I decided to mix together two of my greatest passions (watches and business) with one clear mission: to spread watch happiness

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About Prestige Watches

I’ve had an interest in watches for as far back as I can remember. I remember having a mild obsession looking in my father’s ‘man draw’ to find his beaten up old divers watch. It was a Citizen B52806. The watch didn’t work. It didn’t even have straps. But there was something about it that I used to love. I used to wonder what story it would tell if it could talk. This watch had been on my Father’s wrist for many years – for decades even. It had seen a lot of action during some of his most memorable years. It felt big and bulky in my little hands. I don’t know why I loved it so much, but I did.

I remember waking up early on cold, dark winter mornings and warm summer mornings, bounding down the stairs, rummaging through the tools, paperwork and bits & bobs to examine this heavy, scratched-up old watch. I remember enjoying turning the bezel wandering what purpose it served, and pulling out the crown and turning the hands.

We Wish To Help Others

About Prestige Watches
About Prestige Watches
About Prestige Watches

As a teenager and into my twenties, I remember always wanting to wear prestige brand watches. However at the time, I didn’t have the money to invest. I knew I would need to be patient.

As my modest watch collection grew over the years, so did my desire to find ways to help others own and wear fine, prestige watches at an affordable price. I wished for people to feel the thrill and warmth of owning a prestige watch, like I have felt in the past and to enjoy its company day in, day out.

I buy watches for my own enjoyment, my own pleasure, and to experience these brands and these unique pieces first hand. I love to own and wear these tiny masterpieces that are the coming together of micro art and mechanics; little wrist-worn historical marvels.
I truly believe that a watch can tell you a lot about a person – not just who they are; but who they are not.

Whether you buy a watch because of the way it looks and makes you feel internally, or because you want to communicate a message to the world without opening your mouth (letting your watch do the talking) the important thing is that it is enjoyed, that it evokes feelings of happiness when you put it on and it makes you feel special and proud every time you look at it.

Today, my goal is simple! To let watch buyers know that there is a new watch guy in town and I wish to spread ‘watch happiness’ to anyone looking.

Some of these watches are from my cherished, pre-loved, personal collection and have now reached the ‘for sale’ stage of their journey and being sold to provide me with funds to continue to enjoy the many beautiful watches out there (and because my wife has told me I have to reduce the size of my collection!). And some are purchased for the direct purpose of re-selling. Hopefully these watches will do their job in making someone else happy,

I created Prestige Watches to make this vision a reality. I hope you will find a watch on this site that is a perfect match for your style and affordability.

We are proud to supply customers all around the World
About Prestige Watches

About Marcelo

I am a proud family man and business owner. I love keeping fit (running, Muay Thai, High Intensity Training). I attempt to play Golf. I love watches and whisky. I love doing business. I love craft beers and enjoy delicious meals with great friends in cool restaurants. I love a city break and to visit new places.  I love the mountains and the forests, lakes and the ocean.  Im an easy chap to please.

My proudest achievement has to be my family. They make me happy every day. This is how my little ones must view me:

A feeder. A changer. A safeguard from danger.
A stubbly snorer, an offspring adorer. A tent rigger and sandcastle digger.
A storybook reader, a motorway speeder. A bonfire lighter and ‘Dad Joke’ reciter.
A cuddly tickler, rarely a stickler. A room decorator, a shopping trip hater.
A spider remover, allergic to hoover. A carer a sharer and rarely a glearer.
A butler and porter, a coach and supporter. A gadget admirer, a BBQ firer.
A lender, a mender, a knightly defender. A grower, a mower, an ‘everything’ knower.
A bottle un-corker, a supper-time talker. A game inventor, role model and mentor.
A bin putter-outer and sometimes a shouter. A free taxi driver, a playground survivor.
A party enhancer and embarrassing dancer. A contest decider, a lecture provider.
A terrible teaser and all round good geezer.

If one day you found yourself extremely bored and wanted to read more about my story, grab something hot and caffeinated and head HERE.

(I can’t believe I actually had the audacity to write about me and put it on the world wide web)

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