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Watch Servicing, Hertfordshire

Our highly experienced, fully trained horologists provide watch services such as repairs, servicing, battery change, polishing, bracelet adjustments / replacements, Authenticity checks and more.

Based in Hertfordshire, we are an independent watch service centre and will get your watch up and running if it's faulty, or service it to help keep it running strong.


We can fix your watch!

We have experience in working on many watch brands including Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Longines, Tudor, Hamilton, Breitling, IWC, Panerai, Zenith, Cartier and many more.

For your full peace of mind we offer a no quibble 12 month warranty on all watches serviced by us.

"I have worked with Marcelo a couple of times now. Fantastic service, great communication throughout. Would def recommend to anyone looking for 'watch help'.

"Marcelo provides an excellent service, very personal experience, fast and efficient. Will be selling through Prestige watches again without a doubt"

    Our Service Process

    Our service and repair process is Fast and Efficient.  Here's what will happen...

    What does a full service include?

    The watch movement is de-cased and fully dismantled. All the individual movement components are ultra-sonically cleaned. Any parts that are in need of replacement are ordered are replaced. 

    All components that require it are oiled and the watch mechanism is then rebuilt back to its working form. Seals and gaskets are replaced if needed. Your watch is then electronically timed, undergoes a specific testing process relevant to watch features (such as waterproofing, GMT, date and so on). 

    Please note: Polishing is not a standard part of the service but will be offered as an extra.

    Keep your timepieces ticking

    Conscious that customers are putting their beloved timepieces in the hands of our watchmaking horologists, we offer additional benefits for peace of mind, from images of worn parts that show how the damage may have occurred, to videos of the watch itself being serviced.

    Here are some frequently asked questions around watch servicing:

    Why is it important to have your watch regularly serviced?

    A service is needed to clean the movement and re-lubricate. This will ensure the expected timekeeping is within normal tolerances and prevent the oils from drying, which can potentially damage the movement. If movement parts become damaged, you may notice the watch loses or gains time, or ultimately completely stops, something we often see with watches that are well overdue for a service. It also allows the seals and gaskets to be replaced so that the watch can remain water resistant where applicable. At Prestige Watches, we provide a two-year warranty as standard following a service.

    How often should a mechanical watch be serviced?

    Every four to five years on average but some new watch models (such as Omega Co-Axial watches) can go a few years longer.

    What are the advantages of getting your watch serviced by a third party, rather than by the brand?

    From what we have seen and what I have experienced, the main brands, as a whole, have very good servicing procedures and truly do put the customer first.

    An open mind on the issues that matter

    However, due to the sheer volume of watches they receive, we are able to typically offer a more appealing turnaround time and ultimately a more personal service. With Prestige Watches you get the best of both worlds, as we have watchmakers trained by the brands and we use the original parts and tools.

    What should you look for when choosing which company to service your watch?

    Firstly, experience, knowledge and professionalism. This helps give customers confidence in you that then leads to trust. ensure that the watchmakers have had the appropriate training by the brand to work on your watch. Although many of the movements may be the same, there are significant variations and the finishing and polishing of the case and bracelet must be exactly how the manufacturer intended, which takes significant training in itself. 

    Secondly – original parts – see if the company has access to and uses original parts for the brand in question.  
    Finally, ask the company to provide you with a full breakdown and quotation for the work required prior to proceeding.

    What does a service at Prestige Watches entail?

    It begins with one of our watchmakers carrying out a full diagnostic on the timepiece in order to determine what is required and if there is anything needed in addition to a standard service. This includes a full inspection of the movement, timekeeping tests, and pressure and water resistance tests. We check all aspects, including the bracelet, glass, clasp and more.
    Our full service involves dismantling the case, bracelet and movement before the comprehensive cleaning and oiling of the components. We then replace seals and gaskets before reassembly of the dial and watch. It will then undergo full water resistance and pressure tests, as well as a four-day timekeeping test.

    How much should you expect to pay for a regular service?

    It does vary between watches (particularly for chronographs), but our average service on an automatic watch is around £295. Some more complicated watches can run into several hundred pounds.

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