Rolex – how my view has changed

Hello Watchie.  I thought I’d share a little story with you about my opinion on Rolex and how my thoughts changed over the years…

When I started being interested by mechanical watches as a teenager and into my twenties, I thought that this brand was just bling, over-popular and just a status symbol worn by pompous high achievers to showing off as emblem of their success.

Rolex watches were just not for me at this time.

I acquired my first mechanical watches and started reading more and more about watchmaking, brands, heritage and history, but always swerving the section where the Rolex was discussed.

One day, several years ago,  I came across a thread were someone I respected said something like “you can’t be a true watch enthusiast if you haven’t owned a Rolex at some point”.

This resonated with me and my curiosity grew as to why people are so passionate about this brand.

I started then researching more info and, little by little, each false idea I had regarding Rolex vanished as I learned more and more about the history of the brand and, most importantly, their products and achievements.

When you think about it, it’s crazy the difference that there is between the popular reputation they have and the actual values they defend and that can be found in each watch they manufacture.

Do you remember what happened to Burberry once it became a popular brand for ‘chavs’. Poor Burberry (back then). This stigma doesn’t, for one second, mean Burberry wasn’t any less of a quality producer. It’s just, for me, the reputation of the brand was tainted. This is how I felt about pre-owned Rolex watches back then.

A few years later, I bought a vintage 1966 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-o-graph, Thunderbird which is a beloved watch of mine that has had a lot of wrist time since.

I’m truly amazed by the quality of their production and I fell in love with the Rolex story (conceived in London and then moved to Switzerland, how the name “Rolex” was created, their production process) and I honestly had a new found respect for the brand.

Personally, and this is just my personal opinion, but I am more of a fan of older Rolex watches (less common models), but Im sure this will change over time.

If you would like to know more about Rolex, I’m sure you will love this book (US) (here for UK) as well.

You should definitely check it out, its a must have for anyone that owns an Rolex or simply likes mechanical watches. You won’t look at your wrist in the same way you did after reading it, at least that’s what happened to me!

If you would like a quick ‘straight to the point’ video, check out ALUX’s “15 things you didn’t know about Rolex

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