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    We are unable value your watch accurately without knowing the correct model number or seeing a photo of your watch and preferably its warranty card.
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    Vintage • New • Pre-Owned

    I Buy Watches

    In order to be able to sell great watches, I first have to buy great watches. 

    Is your watch is gathering dust? Has it lost its place in your rotation? Is it possible another watch enthusiast might enjoy it more? Out with the old, in with the new is what I say.  Please get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.

    To appraise your watch, I will need:

    “I sold a Rolex to Prestige Watches UK recently. The experience was a very good one. Marcelo was very professional. The transaction was fast and the communication was excellent. I would definitely use them again and will have no qualms when recommending them to my friends”

    I can help you sell your watch

    "Concierge Service.  Consignment. Sale-or-Return"

    These are a few names used in the industry. If your watch is not one I would purchase directly to add to my stock collection for whatever reason, then I will sell your watch for you on your behalf.


    We will enjoy working together with a shared common-goal of finding the right buyer and selling your watch as fast as possible, for the best possible price.


    There are some rules that need to be followed to make this joint venture a success, so please contact me so I can tell you how it works.


    My mission is to do the hard work on your behalf for a small commission.  I will save you time, headaches, hassles, admin and risks involved with selling your watch.

    “Marcelo provides an excellent service, very personal experience, fast and efficient. Will be selling through Prestige watches again without a doubt”

    “Marcelo recently sold a watch on my behalf, and the service was nothing short of exceptional. He first arranged to collect the watch and take some professional pictures for the listing. When making the listing, Marcelo did his research to ensure the watch was priced competitively. We received a number of early ‘low’ offers but he wasn’t at all pushy to take the first one and held out for what he believed was a good price. Once the watch was sold, it was sent off by courier and I received the funds within days. Thanks again for your assistance”

    I Also Source Watches

    I offer a concierge service that will help you find the watch that you want – even if it isn’t in my collection.

    Get in touch with all the details of your dream watch and let me work my magic.



    "I have purchased from Marcelo a couple of times now. This time he helped to source a vintage piece as a gift for my wife. Fantastic service, great communication throughout. Would def recommend Marcelo to anyone looking for help to source that ‘perfect piece’!"

    "Marcelo provides an excellent service, very personal experience, fast and efficient. Will be selling through Prestige watches again without a doubt"

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