The ULTIMATE Watch To Give As A Gift

If you are looking to give someone a gift and can’t decide on what to give, then you’re reading the right blog.

I will tell you the ULTIMATE watch to give as a gift.

Be sure to read to the end! Trust me you will be very surprised. This is one of the best watches out there and is currently in stock.

When to gift a watch?

Firstly, why gift a watch…? “Believe me” – a watch can be a good gift and suitable for many occasions.
Christmas, birthday, showing gratitude, congratulations, wedding, anniversary and the best one of all in my opinion – a gift for no real reason apart from showing someone that you care about them.
That you respect them and you want them to know they are special to you. That they mean something to you. They are an important part of your life.
When I talk about a “watch” in this blog, I am not referring to a throw away item that has no significance. I’m talking about a quality timepiece that will last for generations. That doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Why gift a watch?

A fine, mechanical, wrist watch is an elegant reminder of our relationship with time and its finite nature. They are or become sacred items that motivate us to keep on keeping on, and to do that which needs doing before your time is up. Watches are also something we can pass down or gift to a special person. To children; as we have given them the gift of time, it seems fitting to give them a way to measure its passing and to use it well, fleeting as it is. To friends and loved ones it is a token of respect and appreciation. Maybe admiration. They serve as a reminder of us, the gift giver of the value of the relationship and our love. Very few things in this modern world are timeless, however a watch is just that.

In today’s age of digital, non-tangible gifting and purchasing, it can be tricky to predict what will and won’t be in style when the youngsters around us grow up. But I can pretty much guarantee a timepiece will. A legacy wrist watch is past, present and future all wrapped up in a lovely case.

So, what is the very best watch you can give as a gift…?

The ULTIMATE. The absolute best watch to give is…

Your watch. A watch you have owned. Trust me, an heirloom you wore in the past is a gift that will really resonate and they will cherish, as long as there is a bond there. A relationship and the person is of the right age to appreciate the token gesture. Too young and it may be wasted.
Hopefully, along with the watch, you can tell a little bit of a story about it that brings some magic into the gift. The story around it can be equally as captivating, inspiring and powerful as the actual watch itself. It’s the 1-2 knockout punch, the watch and the story that comes with it.

If it was your watch, it could be a simple story. Such as why you chose the watch. Where did you buy it? Did you have to save for it? Was it an impulse purchase? When did you buy it? Why did you buy it? Who were you with? What was the reason? What were you thinking..? If it was passed to you from an elder, what story can you tell about the watch’s journey? Past owners. Past history. Something endearing or sentimental about it.

I’m not talking about a fantastical story like the one Pulp Fiction story here. Some history or feelings around it to bring the spirit of the watch to life and 100x or 1000x the value of the watch far above and beyond just the value of the sum of the material parts of the watch. If you have any old photos of a young you or of old family members wearing it, they will heighten the intensity of the story. It’s this story around a watch that makes a watch become priceless to its owner.

What watch

It could be one that you wear currently, right off the wrist. Or an old watch that you don’t wear too much, but once did. Even if it is used and doesn’t work. If the recipient is that way inclined, they can try to get it working, like I did with my Dad’s old watch. Perhaps it was passed down from your parents to you. And they received it from THEIR parents. And is now being passed to your special someone. This is a family generational watch.

And if it isn’t then you can start the tradition.

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