Watch Sizes – At A Glance

Hello Watchie.  I thought this “at a glance” image may help with a quick visual aid for different sizes of wrist watches.

Knowing what watch sizes are best for you will form an important part of your decision making process for your watch.

A big watch on a small wrist may look out of place.  Conversely, a small watch on a big wrist may look silly.

You also need to consider the occasion for which you will be wearing the watch (office, suited and booted, sporting occasion, trip to the mountains).  A big, chunky divers watch will look like a miss match if worn to a black tie event.

I personally like watches from 36mm and bigger.  I have medium/slim wrists so I can get away with a smaller watch size.  I do feel (for me) anything smaller than 36mm is a bit too small, even for my slender wrists.  44mm is moving towards a large size on my wrist.  My IWC Big Pilot 46mm is quite huge.  And my 50mm Invicta deep dive is massive.

From 24mm (tiny) to 56mm (huge), what is your ideal size..? Dont forget to take the thickness into account too…


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