Why Buy Pre-owned?

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Why buy pre-owned?

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Pre-Owned Watches Cost Less

There Are More Pre-Owned Watches To Choose From

Depreciation Can Be Used To Your Advantage

Buying Pre-Owned Means Selling Pre-Owned

There has rarely been a better time to buy a pre-owned watch. Along with being examples of exquisite craftsmanship, they are also now one of the savviest investments you can make.
Take the time to make an informed decision and the watch you choose can reward you by appreciating in value. In the meantime, you get to own a mini work of art, and you can’t put a price on that.

The market for pre-owned and vintage luxury watches has exploded in the last few years. In an increasingly digital era, we seem to have developed a renewed craving for the extraordinary craftsmanship of the truly fine watchmaker. We may be able to appreciate the technology packed inside the Apple watch, along with Silicon Valley’s other hi-tech offerings, but electronics will never have the soul of a flawless mechanical movement housed inside a beautifully designed case.

While it’s hard to imagine a smartwatch being given as a wedding or graduation present, handed down to future generations or bought to commemorate any great milestone in a person’s life, a refined Swiss timepiece has been the accepted symbol of success and achievement for over a century.
But why has the demand for pre-owned watches in particular suddenly gone so stratospheric? Let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons.

Why Buy Pre-Owned?
The number one motivation for most people to choose a pre-owned watch is economics. Buying a watch brand new, much like being the first person to drive a car straight out of the showroom, means you are going to be shouldering a big hit of depreciation. But that is the premium you pay for not having anyones DNA on the watch.

As soon as a watch goes from being ‘new’ to being ‘pre-owned’, its value will decrease. However, unlike buying a brand new car, a fine vintage watch has a definite glass floor, beyond which its value will not sink. So, opting to purchase your watch pre-owned, after the original owner has borne the brunt of that financial drop for you, means you can have the watch of your dreams for a fraction of the cost.

That lower entry price also opens up a whole new level of options in the model you choose. A reference that would be beyond your budget if you were shopping for the fresh-from-the-box version can now be much more comfortably affordable.

The further good news is, if you decide ten years down the line to sell the watch on, you will be getting back something close to the price you bought it for, meaning you’ve been wearing a beautiful watch for free for a decade. Choose your model carefully, and you might even find you’ve made a profit.

Another major incentive for collectors to take the pre-owned route is availability. Watchmakers shelve older designs on a regular basis to make way for newer, upgraded versions. Sometimes the specific reference you’ve been coveting since your teenage years can’t be bought new at any cost.

The extra time and effort it takes to track down that precise watch on the vintage market is enough to dissuade many potential buyers. That leads, in turn, to another benefit; exclusivity. If something is difficult to get, it’s much less likely you’ll find yourself wearing the same watch as someone else.

As for the look of the watch, many of the high-end brands make only minute alterations to the outward design of their most iconic creations. Rolex watches for men especially are renowned for the almost imperceptible changes to models such as the Submariner during its six decades in production. Hold up an example of the world’s most famous dive watch from 20 years ago to one that’s just rolled new out of the factory gates, and you’ll have to study closely to see much difference.

However, one distinction that is noticeable the further back into history you delve, is in size. The modern trend for larger watches has left those with slimmer wrists struggling to find a piece that fits comfortably. Older examples often have more modest dimensions.

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