Why servicing your Rolex with Rolex isnt a bad idea.

Feast your eyes on this video and see why servicing your watch with the jewel in the crown of watchmaking themselves is a very good idea…

Just be sure to state exactly what you DO and DON’T want done to your watch or you may default Rolex executing what they think is best. Rolex tend to like all their watches to be a perfect specimens, so if you want to keep your original dial, and bezel insert, you must tell them or they may replace them with new ones.

If you like the wabi-sabi of dings, dents and scratches on your bracelet and case, instruct them not to polish it – or else they very well might.

If you just want a movement service and nothing else, be sure to advise that, and even go one step further and clearly state (in writing) – no polishing or new parts whatsoever (pretty please).


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