Selling your Watch?

We have all experienced that sad sad day when the reality hits you that your beloved watch (soon to be ‘ex-watch’) isn’t sizzling your sausage any more.  It has lost its mojo, gets pipped to the post by another watch every time you think about putting it on, and it is looking sad and lonely in your watch drawer / box / safe.
Or perhaps (if you’re anything like me) your other-half has simply commanded that it’s time to reduce the size of your collection.
Maybe it’s time to clear out some old watches to make way for a new watch purchase.  Maybe you are working towards a grail watch or just need to free up some cash.  Well this is the circle of watch-life.
Whatever the reason, if it’s time for your pre-loved precious to find a new loving owner, I can help.

Working together for a common goal!

I can use my trade contacts and platforms to help you sell your watch.  I am pretty flexible in how I work, but here is how it could possibly go; where we work together for a common goal – to sell your watch as quickly as possible and for as much as possible.

1. You tell me everything you can about your watch…

– Reference?
– Year?
– Condition?
– Box?
– Papers?
– Service history?
– Any other important info

2. I will see what is out there in the market right now; as like-for-like as possible. I will try to match the scope of delivery (box / papers), the condition, the year and ideally in your country.
3. We will agree a price to sell the watch for and I will make you fully aware of any sales platform / auction commissions / delivery costs / bank fees etc. So we will adjust the price accordingly to give a clear picture what cash you will have in your hands once all costs are deducted. 
Beforehand , you need to get the watch to me so I can take some professional, high resolution pictures – or, I will ask you to take some pictures.  I can advise you on this. I will write up a captivating sales description, list it on my platform(s) and also advertise it on my Social Media platforms.
4. I will keep you updated with any offers and I will not agree an offer from a potential buyer without your consent in writing.
5. The seller pays me. I pay you. I ship the watch to the buyer.
At this point, the transaction needs to flow like clockwork (pun intended).

We can agree a sales fee for me.  To be honest, I mostly do this for my love-of-the-sport and to continue my quest to ‘spread watch happiness’.  So don’t worry, we are talking a few quid for my kiddy’s piggy-banks, rather than big chunks of your profits.
This format tends to work as you keep ownership of the watch until it sells. You don’t need to relinquish the watch to me.
But some trust in me is needed towards the end of the sale where monies change hands and the watch needs to ship.
I am a trusted seller on Chrono24 and feel free to check out my TRUSTPILOT reviews here.
Don’t worry, I will look after you.  You are in good, safe, professional hands.  

All the best and here’s to “spreading watch happiness”


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