My Watch Mission And My Love Of Watches

There are many times when I ask myself “why do I love watches and why do I involve myself with them as I do”. I felt like I needed to write my thoughts down and this is what I finished up with…


My Watch mission is to share my love of horology and help spread watch happiness around the world.


I think of wrist watches as incredible miniature pieces of mechanical art that function miraculously to create items of absolute beauty.


They are little works of art and science worn on your wrist, that you can look at, experience and enjoy every minute of every day.


And in today’s digital world of intangible bytes and pixels, prestigious physical possessions such as watches have a much higher value of importance in my world and have very special place in my heart.


A well chosen watch brings me much happiness! It is a daily companion, rolling through my journey of life with me.


Far more than just tellers of time, some of my watches are priceless heirlooms and in some cases, great investments.


I respect Horology as part of the important history of human civilization and time itself is one of our most precious commodity in life.


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