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I Sell Watches

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As the Prestige Watches goal to ‘Spread Watch Happiness’ is in effect, I aim to make my customers happy with the delivery of beautiful watches that are well priced and delivered with an efficient and friendly service.  I have a portfolio of watches that are available for you to buy right now….

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I Buy Watches

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In order to be able to sell great watches, I first have to buy great watches.  If you have a watch for sale, please get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.

It would be great if you can help me with:

1. Some pictures of the watch and any accessories that it comes with (box, papers etc). The more pictures and the more detailed, the better.

2. The year of the watch

3. The condition of the watch and the strap

4. Does the watch come with its original box and its original purchase papers?

5. Do you know when the watch was last serviced?

6. Do you have any service paperwork?

7. How long have you had the watch?

8. Have you had the watch from new?

9. Does the the watch function well? Does it keep good time? Does the date / Chrongraph (or other complications) all work?

10. What sort of price are you looking for?

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Concierge Service; Working for you on your behalf.

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I offer a concierge service that will help you find the watch that you want – even if it isn’t in my portfolio, or to help you sell your watch.

Buying on your behalf.

I will be sure that you find the dream watch at a great market price, help you to buy it and ensure it is delivered safely into your hands.

Whether it’s a birth year watch for yourself or someone else, a gift for a loved one or a ‘me to me’ present, I can source it for you.

Buy with confidence.  Let me do the worrying and take the headaches on your behalf!

Selling on your behalf.

If you are looking to sell your watch but dont know the best way, I can help photograph, list and promote your watch for you, helping put it in front of the right buyers in the right places.  <SELLING YOUR WATCH?>

Contact me for more information on this as I am quite flexible in how I work.

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Buying a watch? Selling a watch?

Want to invest & make money?

Before you do anything, you need to read this helpful guide from Marcelo at Prestige Watches.